4/23/2003 9:03 PM




Consider this your “wake up call”.

The time has come when I must call a halt to continued services on irrelevant projects. If you have investigated my new web site, www.RandallMillenniumHomes.com, you will find at the very end of my business plan, under “Guiding Principles”, a clarification of the reason for my choice of words.


I earnestly believe that you, the architects whom I have been serving, could choose to climb on the band wagon and catapult your practice into prominence in the 21st century by leading the way into sustainable construction. I earnestly believe that the option to continue designing buildings as you have been will prove not to be viable or even available.


My message is simple; I will no longer accept any work which does not substantially further my agenda of sustainable construction.


My web site provides an outline of what I am talking about. The web site is developmental. Not all the answers are presented. I intend to continue to investigate technologies and update my site regularly. I will cheerfully spend time with you discussing this topic. I will no longer spend my time helping you design McMansions and trophy houses.


Good luck to you all. I hope to see you soon on Green Street.



Best Regards,




Robert J. Randall, P.E.